Some Good Co.


Hey, I'm Witt.


I like to leave things better than I find them.

I am fascinated by people, the way that they think and interact with others, and I'm curious as to what influences their decisions, their motivations, and their reasons. I'm a citizen of Planet Earth, born in the USA. I like boiled peanuts, surfing, the ocean, music, good wine, abstract thought, the mountains, fishing, the desert, and meaningful conversation. I talk to myself when I surf. I believe in God. I have huge eyebrows. I love it when people use each other's first names in conversation. I've fallen in love with a character in a fiction novel. I frequently suffer from insomnia. I love discussing politics, religion, and philosophy with people who have starkly opposite viewpoints from my own. I'm a computer geek. I love talking to strangers. I can spend all day walking or driving aimlessly. I enjoy getting lost. I believe that good art in its many forms is the highest and most noble type of self-expression that one can ever hope to achieve, and that the carefully thought out and targeted communication of ideas can truly, even in this day and age, save the world.






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